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Rachel Gregorius

Graphic Designer



A Typical Day for a Type 1 Diabetic

Update 7/30/2013

Here is a rough draft sketch of my project so far:

Sorry if the sketch is a little sloppy!

For my concept, I want my infographic to show the amounts of different insulin I take and the type of meals I eat throughout the day. At the bottom of the infographic, I am planning to put more information about the 3 different types of insulin I take: Novolog, Victoza, and Lantus. This could give a better understanding of what the purpose of each insulin does for me and other Type 1 Diabetics that are prescribed to take these.

I could not fit everything in this rough draft, such as a work-out plan that I would incorporate into the day (i.e. Turbo Kickboxing class, Zumba, Hiking, etc.) But since I broke my ankle a few months ago, I feel like this information is a little more accurate as of now.

As for the color scheme, I'm planning to have some type of blue gradient as the background and many of the text and illustration symbols to be gray hues. Blue and gray are the colors represented on the Type 1 Diabetic ribbon. I will possibly add a few other colors to help contrast the blues and grays such as white, orange, yellow, etc. I also want the title to be a sans serif font such as Helvetica or some other similar one.

Please let me know what you all think of this so far! Thank you in advance!


Hello everyone! I am going to do my infographic timeline on a typical day for a Type 1 Diabetic. The reason I chose this specific topic because I have been a Type 1 Diabetic for about 22 years. Ever since I was 6-years-old, I had to follow a strict schedule of pricking my fingers, injecting myself with insulin (I opted out on using the pump. I'm still old school and use syringes), and eating certain food on a daily basis. I will visually present and illustrate one of my days of doing all of this on a timeline. I want to show everyone how people like me deal with and maintain this disease :)


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