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A Typical Day Seen through Icons

Hi Everyone! This is my first skillshare class and I'm excited to start creating icons and symbols to illustrate my day. To start I created lists and lists and lists - first to write down how a normal day went, then to choose the most important ones and one final list. Here is a photo showing just a few of my more final lists: 

The one on top (the white paper) is actually my final 20 activities that I will use as the inspiration for the icons. These are: 

1. check phone

2. shower

3. brush teeth

4. put makeup on

5. do hair

6. get dressed

7. catch bus

8. get on Bart

9. walk to work

10. get Starbucks

11. on computer (working, procrastinating, etc)

12. walk to Bart

13. read on Bart

14. take bus home

15. walk home

16. eat dinner

17. watch netflix

18. wash face

19. brush teeth

20. set alarm

Putting this list together, I couldn't help but start thinking how I wanted to present my icons. Typically, icons are simplified so they are easily recognizable to anybody (i.e. a deer representing that a deer could possibly cross the road or bubbles to represent cleaning) but since this is an exercise illustrating my life, I wanted to get across the experience aspect. I'm hoping to portray sort of a first-person narrative as though the viewer is seeing the exact scenes. I'm predicting that the most difficult part of figuring out my icons will be choosing the exact scene I need to portray the experience. I also want to include some sort of emotional interpretation but I don't know exactly how to get this across. I know I want to show a figure running to the bus in the morning since I'm always running late and I do have to RUN to catch the bus so I want to illustrate the stress behind that idea. I just don't know how to approach everything else. I am open to suggestions though! 


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