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A Turtle's Journey

My Three Ideas

1. My first idea is based on whenever my boyfriend and I play a game of cards. We are both sooooo competitive so it's like the most intense, tense, suspenseful epic battle between us. My idea for the storyboard would be to match the mood and make the shots and editing epic and intense even though its just a gme of cards(everything from slamming down the card onto the table the beads of sweat dropping, our good hands of cards, our bad hands of cards, who's going to win?etc )

2. My second idea is based off of me when I was a little girl. I used to dress myself and I was weird. I found a photo of me wearing a red christmas dress, white sweat pants, and a huge floppy pink elephant hat with a trunk, ears and everything. So yea. I used to carry eggs around with me cause my brother told me they would hatch if I did (to mess with me). My obsession for wanting a chicken became where I made dolls out of eggs (drawing faces on them, making homes out of shoe boxes, making clothing, etc) and my parents used to find broken eggs in my pockets and wondering what the heck I was up to.

The story board would be a little girl (wearing the outfit I described) making an egg doll as a couple of other little girls pass by with their barbies and giggling. The main little girl begins making clothing for her egg and a shoe box. The other little girls are curious over what she is doing but hesistate and giggle at her. Something happens where they make the main girl accidently drop and break her own egg and they feel bad, the main girl tears up. No matter! The main girl makes another egg doll and teaches the girls how to make their own and their own houses and clothing, and it ends with them all playing together.

3. My third idea is based off when I was little and we had a tiny pet turtle (about the size of your palm, very small) and I used to take him out of his bowl and watch him crawl cause I felt like it gave him freedom. One day, I turned my back and he was gone. My older brothers said I killed him because he wouldn't survive and he would die in our apartment cause he was so small. I hope and prayed he would be fine and 3 days later he was crawling on the floor without a scratch on him.

My storyboard would be the three days that he was missing. What did he do? What did he eat? What thing did he clumsily climb upon and fall off of and survive (because when I placed him it was on a dining room table that he climbed off and fell onto tile floor and survived!)? Did he eat couch stuffing? What made up his crazy 3 day adventure of a tiny turtle in a enormous apartment that compared nothing to his bowl? Was he scared? Was he happy?

Right now I'm leaning to the 3rd idea because I feel like it has most potential for creativity and a variety of emotions and situations (sort of montage esque while still providing a complete story) but I also like idea 2. I'm going to draw a shot from each of my ideas though to privde visuals cause I feel like that will help me in finding which one I want to do.


Here are my main beats for the 3rd idea

Little girl plays with Turtle but Turtle is upset to be confined in such a tiny bowl.

Girl takes out turtle so he can move with more freedom. When she turns her back her runs away to explore the house.

He sees the world with fresh, imaginative eyes (he sees a pile of stuffed animals as Mount Everest)

He imagines the giant living room as a desert as he becomes to get dehydrated without any water.

He remembers the girl and their friendship and regrets running away - that he values their friendship more than his freedom.

It ends with her placing him in the bath tub so he can swim in a big open area (and he imagines he is in ocean).

Next step: I gotta start my first pass!. I like where it's going though.

finisehd the beat board. I have sketched out the rest of the story beats (the second pass) I just have to find time to finalize them, been busy lately!


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