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A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

I read this book many years ago, and was struck by the resourcefullness and tenacity of the characters. The story has stuck with me all these years and this book was the first one that immediately came to mind when I found this class.

I had a dream of the exact imagery to use in my re-invisioned cover. Now to make it come to life!

I was quite surprised at the number and diversity of the different covers designed over the years. "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" was written in 1943, and adapted into a movie in 1945. So there have been many iterations, plus VCR and DVD covers.

Betty Smith went on to write three more novels, "Tomorrow Will Be Better," 1947, "Maggie-Now," 1958, and "Joy In The Morning," 1963, which was also adapted into a movie in 1965, starring Richard Chamberlain.

There is a website dedicated to Betty Smith here: http://web.njit.edu/~cjohnson/tree/pub/pub.htm

I am reading all four novels to get ideas for the "series" part of this class. I am about to start reading "Tomorrow Will Be Better," having read the novels in no particular order, since each is a separate story without related or continuing characters. It has been interesting to do so, as I have never done that before with adult books (read several book series as a child), and become acquainted with the author's "voice" and style of writing. This has been a literary education as well as one in design.

Here are some previous covers:

Here are movie posters, DVD covers, etc.:

Last, but not least, posters from plays, educational materials, t-shirts, even a derivative rap album cover:


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