A Traveling Soul - Self Portrait

A Traveling Soul - Self Portrait - student project

I initially struggled with this style trying to make the defined shapes without any outlines as shown in the lesson videos. But due to software limitations and lots of headaches, I decided to compromise and utilize my style of line art just a bit thicker and with less texture involved and it turned out really great! I did two iterations to showcase my personal happy places. 

A Traveling Soul - Self Portrait - image 1 - student project

Poolside Paradise.

The first one I made shows me floating in a pool in some tropical climate. Although I personally prefer the ocean, especially the gulf of mexico, there isn't really a time that I've ever experienced the level of tranquility that you get in a pool all by yourself. The crashing waves and sea wind is wonderful but it's not silent if you get what I'm saying.

A Traveling Soul - Self Portrait - image 2 - student project

Monadnock Meditation.

The second one shows me sitting atop one of my favorite mountains in New England: Mount Monadnock. It is a 3000 foot tall mountain with no trees at the top, just tons of huge boulders and rock faces and there is a 360 panoramic view that is breathtaking. I absolutely love hiking, it is one of my all time favorite activities. It's great exercise and so meditative. It helps you re-connect with nature and to remember the inherent abundance that is always around us.


This was such a fun project and I'm super grateful for the amazing learning experience provided by Olimpia! Fantastic!