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A Ticket For Space Travel

This class taught me a lot about the creative process of creating an illustration. Before, I would just jump right into illustrator and create my vector designs and then pretty much leave it at that--and it was working. But this class challenged me to push my work past the my usual style into something better thought out and more meaninful.

The class also coincided with an assignment I had for MographMentor.com and I decided to use some of the techniques and process I learned in this skillshare for my project which was to create designs within a theme.

I began with creating some rough sketches to explore my theme, which was space. Stories are powerful and draw me into an idea, so I decided to create one to go with it.

The premise is based in an era where space travel is a common, but still fanciful activity. The idea of a hopeful future, in the present, as seen through the style of the past. We follow a character on his trip from an earth-like planet to various interplanetary colonies that are each somewhat different. That's all I'll say about it now as I'm still working on the details of the story but plan to flesh it out.

From establishing the basic premise of the story, I moved to some more detailed sketches of some specific scenes I had in mind to work on layout and content. I'm very used to the flat orthographic-view style, so I decided to stretch myself out of my comfort zone and explore how to use perspective to tell my story.

I've only fully completed 2 of my frames so far so I'll only show the process for those. The story begins with the idea of a spaceport on an earth like planet, which is basically an airport but for rockets. In the first frame we see our main character looking out over the tarmac with the hope and expectancy, yet gravity (no pun intended) of his upcoming journey with the activity of a busy spaceport going on behind him. The second frame is an overview of the spaceport from the outside.

Once I was happy with my general layout and content here, I began the work of creating the forms and colors in vector so I could paint and texture them with more detail later.

I was feeling a little disappointed at this stage. Drawing in perspective in vector is very time consuming, so you're kind of stuck with what you have unless you want to spend a lot of time moving things around and redoing them. I really saw the value of putting a lot of work into the skethces here. With these frames I was happy with the composition and changed some of the design elements that I think was all working, but they just weren't feeling as great as I hoped for. Until i began the next phase of these illustrations.

Texturing is now my new favorite thing. I saw how a pretty "meh" design goes from just being there to really communicating the mood I was going for. Check it.

To add some extra "universe collateral" and actually do something in the style of what this skillshare class project was supposed to be about, I created a consumer grade technical drawing of the rocket that you see here; consumer grade meaning not real technical data, more like promotional propoganda.

This project is really exciting and still going for me as I develop the rest of the story visually, but this skillshare was really great for helping me acheive the look I was going for in applying the workflow and techniques I learned to my goals.

Thanks for taking a look through!



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