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A Taurus

Hello everyone!

I'm a long-time inker, but I've been trying to make my work more fluid for some time.

Most of the work was done with a calligraphy brush and a B Koh-I-Noor pencil. This was the first time I've inked without detailed sketch and also first time using a calligraphy brush for everything (mine is a bit too big for A4 paper, I think on A3 it will work better).

This was my preliminary sketch to define a character for an illusrtation. I've started with a generic knight, but the addition of the bull mask made it a Taurus duelist. You can see how I've warmed up a bit before starting inking.


The second sketch is very loose to keep the lines more action-y as Yuko advised. It's scary but kinda cool.


You can see my calligraphy brush here and a really cheap synthetic one for a little bit of inkwash I've added. I really wanted those six textures in one drawing.


And here the final is, in all its knightly glory. Of course I've messed up some parts, but that was really fun and educating.



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