"A TableTop Game"

Hello every Body,

I added some mechanics to the game, now you can move, rotate and make zoom with the camera as well as select and move Units.

  • Use Arrow keys for panning (move) with the camera.
  • Use the mouse Scroll Wheel to zoom in and out.
  • Use the Middle Mouse Button to rotate the camera. (WIP, first click will set you looking to an upper left possition out of the scene.) I would appreciate if anyone know how can I fix this.
  • Left Click for selecting Units.
  • Right Click for moving Units.

You can test the game here:


I present here my class project, I´ve been some time tweaking around in my mind with an idea for a turn-based Strategy game. And I decided that this course will be a great oportunity for trying to sketch this game up! 

I´ve got tons of ideas about the gameplay and about how the game will be implemented, but as a starting point, the game will be based on two teams choosing the units for their armies according to a defined amount of resources to spend. Once the armies are set the battle can start and the player will be able to order movements and attacks to each unit trough the different turn sub-phases, movement, firing, assaulting, etc.

Just FYI I am planning on use the tabletop game "Warhammer 40k" as reference for my game! :)

Please don´t doubt on asking me any questions about the game and/or giving me some critiques!

Here is the basic scene with some assets:

The current main unit character:

The first Tank!


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