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Dylan Mierzwinski

Illustrator & Lover of Flowers



A Sweet Home (Finished! + New Promo Animation!)


I've completed my illustration and have brought everything into After Effects. I'm now moving onto the stage where I break the groups into separate layers. I kept my house pretty basic, no straying too far from the tutorial since I'm such a novice in AE. Will update soon. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

I've been playing with the graph editor since finishing my illustration yesterday and finally am (slowly) getting it. Thanks so much to Jake for providing the AE file for his practice animations. Trying to replicate those was the most helpful exercise. My ball passing back and forth doesn't look as nice as the grow, but I did it without "cheating" (looking at Jake's file), so I'm really proud of it. Now to start animating the actual house.





I am so impressed that I was able to finish this, and I can only attribute it to the way Jake was able to make the graph editor not seem intimidating. I feel so much more confident in my animating skills than I did even when I posted my practice gifs. I've had a few extremely short stints in Apple Motion and AE, basic "how to set two key frames", but I always quit, frustrated and sure that animation wasn't for me. The graph editor allows you to add that personality and smooth motion that is so in style, fairly easily. So excited to turn all of my illustrations into various and more complex animations. 


I decided to be ambitious and volunteer myself for a project at work to make some gifs of various pieces of our software user interface. I was able to use what I learned in this class to whip up a few!




November 2016: I made a full promo video for my day job based off of what I learned in this class. Thanks so much Jake!


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