A Subdued Lighthouse

A Subdued Lighthouse - student project

I've been eager to start one of Ohn Mar Win's classes for some time now, and finally found a chink of time to do it! I'm getting into urban sketching, so this lighthouse class seemed a good place to start!

Watercolour Play

I really enjoyed playing with the colours and watching them run into each other! I also created shapes with the water and blobbed some colour into the middle.

A Subdued Lighthouse - image 1 - student projectA Subdued Lighthouse - image 2 - student project


Lighthouse No.1 

Initially, I was looking for a striped lighthouse as per Ohn Mar's example, but got stuck on this muted, but beautiful, rustic lighthouse in Whitby. I love the textures of the stone and how the windows and steps stand out against the background. I thought it would prove challenging to try and make it look interesting.

I am still very much in the process of learning how to use watercolour, so painting directly onto the page without the confines of pencil lines was quite scary. But I really enjoyed the process and it was so exciting to see everything come together when the details were added. Here I am showing the four main stages of the process.

A Subdued Lighthouse - image 3 - student projectA Subdued Lighthouse - image 4 - student projectA Subdued Lighthouse - image 5 - student projectA Subdued Lighthouse - image 6 - student project

I hope to add two more lighthouses to my project soon!