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A Stroll in Chinatown

My photography as grown over the years while actively living in my life as a singer/songwriter! I believe they parallel with each other given that I tell stories through both! I've been inspired by my incredible city of New York in to write songs about it! Now, I'm telling it's story visually! This story of Chinatown is one in which shows the traditional as well as transitional side! Please enjoy my 'Stroll in Chinatown'


Sometimes in street photography you have to know your setting in various lighting conditions for moments of inspiration without disturbing the situation! This shot was shot from my hip given that I didn't want to miss this moment or have this woman notice me before I got my shot   


The Morning Commute… I love the juxtaposition of this guy in Chinatown heading to work with the Chinese delivery truck in the background


Like 7-11's in most places in the country, manage parlors or literally on every corner in Chinatown 


This street (Grand st.) was the holy grail of this stroll in Chinatown as you might imagine 


Just on the outside of this stroll lies some really cool moments of colors and textures

In closing, this is just a super small taste of this memorable stroll in chinatown… 

You can find more from this story on my photography page on instagram at @langleyseye

as well as other series of people and place that inspire me!

Thanks for taking to the time to experience my class assignment!




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