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A String is a terrible thing to waste

This class has been such a great study for me. I enrolled, just because I could (thanks Skillshare!!) and quickly found that this was going to be not only a good time but also an answer to a current creative need.

I am a pattern designer (quilts, totes, pincushions, home dec, etc) by trade and I was in need of some creative advertising for a trade show booth. I have just written my first quilting book called Simply Strings and the theme is "string quilting". (In the quilt world, a "string" is a long skinny scrap of fabric and string quilting is a specific type of improv scrap quilting.) As for the advertising, I was wanting something quilt-y and quirk-y and, of course, creative.

The "Contemporary Objects" session of this class was esecially inspiring to me and it became the direction I wanted to go. I decided to start by trying to twist a few well known jingles into something I could play off. The list included things like: Carpe String-um (Carpe Diem) Good to the last inch (Foldgers Good to the last drop) Just String It (Nike's Just Do It) and A String is a terrible thing to waste (from uncf). I had been leaning toward Good to the last inch until a friend (THANK GOODNESS!!!!!) pointed out that it sounded obscene. EEK! Obscene was not the direction I wanted to go, so I tossed that idea and decided to go with "A string is a terrible thing to waste".

From there I amassed a pile of aqua and lime strings:


Created the blocks:


Decided on a setting:


Added a scallop to one edge for interest:


Spent half of forever cutting out and stitching down letters:


And viola, my fun new sign:


And here it is in the booth: (as soon as i can get my hands on it i will add it here)

A million thanks for this class!


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