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A Story of Three Pigs

First let me start off by saying this was a great exercise that really got my imagination going! 

I began the project with a mock response to Swanky Publishing: 


Next I worked up a few rough sketches. I liked the idea of giving each pig a unique personality (boho pig, punk pig, & business pig). I thought adding character and distinct personalities to each pig might allow for a more modern take on the old fable, which may even lend to a new "moral of the story" if the publisher was open to the idea. 




Finally I scanned the image into photoshop to add color. This was my first time using photoshop on an illustration and I absolutely loved it, and can't wait to learn more. For anyone who may be interested in learning, I took this awesome class by Erla Maria Arnadottir and I was amazed at how much I was able to accomplish with it as a photoshop novice!



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