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Emily Owen

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A Story From David

Step 1- Selecting your text

Pastures of Heaven by John Steinbeck

Beacuse John is the man!.......all kidding aside, my process was much more extensive. However, I felt the need to keep my script simple and honest to the subject matter. Steinbeck's vivid desciptions of his characters and their surroundings invoke a sense of nostalgia for the reader. My goal was to convey feelings of personal connectivity with my characters and their lives. 

Step 2 - Drafting your Script

A Story From David - FINAL SCRIPT

Step 3 - LogLine

A young boy is thrust into manhood when faced with the harsh realities of farm life. 

I hope you can appreciate my adaptation regardless of the intense subject matter. 

A big thank you goes out to the professors for taking the time from their very booked schedules to share personal expertise on such a public forum. I enjoyed this writing process much more than I had anticipated. 


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