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A Stitch in Time

The story here is about harmony and balance moving into chaos and tension, resolving into potential.

Thread unites by sewing pieces together with balanced, rhythmical stitches.

But the stitches soon devolve into a tangle of snarling, twisted thread, emphasizing that the goal is frustrated.

The needle escapes! It's direction is straight, piercing through the chaos to try another time.


Design elements: points and lines

Principles: Unity, balance, rhythm, emphasis and direction

The knot at the end of the thread anchors the position of the line. It begins to wend its way, the goal to unite the five boxes.The dots move with balance and rhythm between the first box and the second box creating repetitious stiches that bring the two boxes into unity. The line continues to occilate between the second and third boxes in a spiral rhythm, showing the potential for gathering together. But the line falls apart into a tangle of emphatic lines and dots, thick and thin, detroying the rhythm. But the line asserts itself, straightens out, and the needle directs it outward


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