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Abigail Southworth

Illustrator & Designer



A Step in a New Direction

Caricatures have always been somewhat of a mystery to me. I love portraiture and am pretty decent at it, but caricature focuses both on humor and likeness. It's two different beasts.

I followed the steps for the first caricature lesson and came up the following first go (beware, it's pretty awful.) My reference is an Expression Sheet from Raeyenirael-Stock and Deviantart.com


Once I finished this, I went to a coworker who does caricatures and got some GREAT advice.

- Start with the shape of the head, and let it lead the rest of the features

- Focus on ONE aspect to emphasize, rather than everything at once.

- Be aware of what dynamic you're approaching with each person. Do they want it to seem more funny, or more down to earth? 

With this in mind, I fiddled with it a bit, and I think I came up with something that I feel fits better.

More to come!

For the next set, I took some advice from my coworker and tried creating some quick ones right in sharpie. I think it helped me have to think more in advanced, and stick to my guns once I got started.



More practice to come! 


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