A Spooked Dope Meets Friendly Folk!


   The gist of the story!


Reference Images

     Thank you everyone! I have decided to stay with the first idea. There will be moments where I will interact with people so it won't be a solitary story for those who took note of that. Here are some drawings of the dorm room as well as some possible compositions for the storyboard.

Choosing an Idea

This is a story about my freshmen year in college. After finishing my work ahead of schedule, I decided to reward myself by watching a marathon of Ghost Hunter episodes online. As nightfall crept, so did my imagination, but thanks to my next door neighbors I was rescued with unexpected warmth.

As of now, I am choosing this story. I think I can get  a good range out of exploring the character's emotions as her psychology of her surroundings alters. Furthermore,the story is much simpler compared to the others. I'm hoping it will prove entertaining to my audience!

Any thoughts about my choice are always welcomed! Thank you!


During the summer one of my residents at the dorm bestowed unto me a betafish to take care of while she went home to India. I was a little reluctant and yet, thrilled, because I have always wanted my own pet since I was a child. Here was my chance! I renamed the fish Jo Jo and took care of it with all the love I could possibly give, despite its apparent showcase of hatred towards me. The longer Jo Jo lived, the more attached I became. Unfortunately, due to this, I was unprepared for Jo Jo's ultimate demise.


Setting aside my own romantic interests, I help a crush win the affections of a friend.


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