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A Special Picnic

Sorry I am so late to setting my project up, I usually work better under pressure!

I had a mini brainstorm in a word document and just typed as many words as I could think of that linked to Picnics.  What they made me feel, what first came into my head, what they meant literally, what sort of events you have a picnic at.  I find it much easier just to type away and write down everything that comes into my head than to do a spider diagram, then I can write it up neat to work from.  Here's my initial spider diagram.

I loved the idea of telling a bit of a story through my pattern and remembered hearing about a man who proposed to his girlfriend when he took her on a special picnic.  It is such a romantic idea that I thought it was a perfect story to tell.

I made a board up on Pinterest all about picnics and chose pictures that sparked off ideas for my pattern.

Next I began to sketch some motifs out, my girl and boy need a bit of refining (her hair is a bit skew wiff) but you get the idea!

I'm cleaning my motifs up in Illustrator now so I'll keep you updated! =)


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