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A South Indian Breakfast

Vanakkam/Hello from Chennai,India!

Affinity for food drives me to take a picture of whatever I eat and recently of whatever I cook.Or should I say that in order to take good pictures I push myself to cook healthy and colorful? Well whichever way I look at it #instagram has become a motivator for me to get up and get my morning started in the kitchen.

My husband and I, recently moved to a new place with a lot of sunshine and feels like our circadian rhytms are coming back to normal :P My birthday gift Nexus 4 and the daily 2 hour long train commute to work go hand in hand to inspire me with more recipes I should try and the modular kitchen is the best enabler with a place for everything where you can see it! 

I absolutely cannot do without the cooker and mixie - the multipurpose cook,steam,boil,grind,grate and blend stuff for a quick breakfast made intandem with lunch to pack for work. However I would like to try my hands at the traditional grinding stone - another gift from a friend. They say that it tastes much better when used but well.. thought it definitely makes a great prop for now :D

This is my first attempt for the submissions - Rice vermicelli with lemon,spices and veggies + palm jaggery caramel milk + black-eyed bean salad for lunch

I took so much time plating that I did not have the time to explore suitable lightings and angles. Tried using VSCO Cam and Snapseed was yet to be downloaded.

My second attempt today - a desperate one on the last day of submission - steamed idly from batter made of oats,semolina,maize flour mixed with sour curd and spiced with ginger+flax seeds+sesame seeds + powdered roasted cumin/pepper..mint coconut chutney as accompaniment. I chose something that was relatively easier to make but tough luck with hard light and clearing out a suitable surface or suitable props. But still thought maybe shadows could add some drama. Was fun to explore Snapseed.

Wanted to capture the prep, did not know how to capture the steam right..Could not help wonder how much goes into those awesome step-by-step pics from food bloggers

Human element tip seems so much easier to follow if you have others in the scene or you happen to be taller than I am!

Your comments are welcome, loved the project and look forward to more!


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