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A Smoking Harvest

I chose the poem Cooney Potter by Edgar Lee Masters. I chose this poem because it shows how the pleasures of a full life weren't expereinced by Cooney Potter. Even in death he strives for people to recognize his hard work, but to his great dissatisfaction, he feels he is being mocked by jokes about him enjoying Red Eagle cigars. 

My focus of this project is to portray the beauty in ones man's life that has passed him by. In a blink, time has passed and it was too late for his family, or himself, to enjoy all the pleasures of life and the joy of just being. 


A thousand harvests couldn't satisfy a father whose family sacrificed life, love and happiness for his greed and pride.


Second Draft

Hi all,

I've edited my first draft. I took your comments into consideration too. One person suggested I research the dialect of my screenplay. I wanted to explain why I wrote it the way I did. The dialect in the script is based in my home province of Newfoundland and we have a very strong and authentic accent. I hope that clears things up. 



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