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A Slow Burn

If this course will help me read faster and retain information into my long term memory, I will write the greatest book you will never read. I have a massive love/hate relationship with books - they love to sit on my bookshelves and I hate to read them. Now don't get me wrong, I want to read them. In fact, I want to love reading them. But my hate for reading so damn slow is too strong. So strong that i would rather just eat a slice of pizza and stare at my wall dreaming up a story I almost read. I'm a slow reader and I don't have the patience for it - which is really weird -  because I am generally a patient dude in every other aspect of my life.

The List

  1. By June 20th, I will increase my reading speed to 400wpm [currently 244wpm] with over 80% retention so that I will be able to apply what I learn from reading more technical books to my daily work life.

  2. By July 18th, I will be able to research topics with better efficiency allowing me to write more thoughfully and quickly.

  3. By August 22nd, I will increase my reading speed to 600wpm with a 70% retention to help me enjoy reading all the books collecting dust on my bookshelves before the end of the year.

  4. By August 22nd, I will have increased my capacity to store imagery into my visual library and recall them to be able to draw without always using references.

Good luck everyone!


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