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A Slice of Red Velvet Cake

August 12, 2016


Although "Geometric Illustration: Drawing Your Favorite Foods" was not the first Skillshare class I have watched, this is my first project. I don't know what inspired me. The class energy, the fact that it is about food, that I love vector illustrations... I'm not sure. But ever since I watched it, I've been thinking of what to draw. And Mikey's prize announcement has sped up the process.

And so I began.

The first step was the listing. I was on a trip to the Netherlands and I only returned last night. So a delicious slice of Red Velvet Cake seemed only fitting with its geometric shape and lovely memory.

Here are the first concepts:


I don't know if you can read my handwriting, but after I tried to draw the side version I thought it would be much better to draw a top view. And later I decided to move the tea to the right and the fork to the left - but I will do that when I vectorize the drawing in Illustrator - hopefully soon!

So this is it for now. In case you wonder what the real cake looks like, I only remembered to take a picture after we had already dug in, but here it is: https://www.instagram.com/p/BJAm1tDj3gx/

August 15, 2016

This did not turn out as I hoped at all. I think I might have messed up the colors. I was trying to stay true to the colors and everything but this does not give me joy. I am trying to figure out what to fix, or whether I should start the whole thing over. Maybe even with a different food.

Here are my "final" vectors. The only difference is the pattern of the cake. One has black circles, the other has no fill.




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