A Slice of Pepperoni, Sweetie? Okay, Darling.

I've struggled with who or what I was going to write about for a few days now. I wanted to tackle my dad (figuratively) because he's such a funny character, but I decided to move forward with this woman who works at a tiny pizza shop down the block from my house. Terms of affection are her favorite thing in the entire world and I was so amused and intrigued by her that I've wanted to incorporate her "character" into something... So I've chosen this essay! Also, I'm hoping to one day pitch her as an SNL character, but that's another story... 

Our first interaction went something like this (and this is how I plan for my essay to begin)...


"What can I get for you, darlin'?"

"Um, can I get a slice of pepperoni please?"

"Sure thing, sweetie. A slice of pepperoni, you got it, cutie."

Well, this was a new experience. Not only had I never been to this tiny pizza shop that I'd passed day after day, always wondering if their pizza was closer to New York pizza than any other shop I'd been to in LA, but never had I felt so welcome by a pleasantly plump, red-faced woman behind the counter.


My thoughts are to give this character some more depth by making her a former police officer - maybe she was injured on the job and could no longer serve. After a near death experience or something traumatic, she realized her true calling: owning a pizza shop. She's basically the sweetest woman you can imagine, but in a dicey situation, on the turn of a dime, she can switch back into her intense, empowered female-cop self. 


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