A Skimmable Email

A Skimmable Email - student project

As an email marketer, I'm constantly looking at the emails that I receive to gain insights and inspire creativity. This email was one that I simply overlooked. Why?

Subject line: NEW! Wednesday Promotion. 

While I understand the use of excitement and the promise of a promotional perk it didn't grab me enough to open the email. After reading through it for this project, I found out the promotional item is a 'promotional card' that is given with a Drive-Thru Mobile Order. I feel that the email would have been more grabbing had the subject line been more along the lines of "Free gift card with Drive-Thru Mobile Order!" or "Receive a gift card with our January promotion!" 

Layout: Not enticing

It takes a couple scrolls to get to the actual paragraph of information. As you can tell from the screen shot, the top third of the email is the operators name, picture and a Thank You. This was followed by an overly-sized Chick-Fil-A logo before a small print graph containing the actual promotion details. 

Content: Too vague

The description of the promotional card doesn't identify what exactly it is (I'm assuming it's a gift card) or how much it would be more. I find that people are more likely to participate in promotions if they know at least a range of the prize they'd receive. 


All-in-all, this was an email that I easily ignored. If the subject line had been enough to entice me to open it, the first glance at the email definitely did not grab my attention. 

It's a good reminder to put the attention grabbing details first!