A Skilled Sailor - Calligraphy I | Skillshare Projects

Sakshi Dez

Hand lettering, Calligraphy, and watercolor artist



A Skilled Sailor - Calligraphy I

I made the whole piece with a straight wooden holder (Tachikawa T-25) and a Bruase EF 66 nib using Dr. Ph Martin's hydrus watercolor inks - Pthalo green and Pthalo blue.

In hindsight I'd probably have watered the inks down a bit. This was my first time working with the inks and I smudged them in a few places and while earsing the lines. Also learned a big lesson to have completed the ship before the sea... hands smudge.. doh! =D

The class was super fun. I still haven't got the hang of Bryn's script.. but loving all the tips she gave! lots more practice ahead.


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