A Sketchbook Failure

A Sketchbook Failure - student project

Dear Anna and fellow Skillshare students,

Today I'm sharing with you the biggest art failure in my life. This year I find myself obsessed with hollyhocks, so, even though my favourite flowers are orchids and I love red peonies too, naturally, I decided to draw a beautiful hollyhock in the style suggested by Anna. I experimented with the inks (DalerRowney used here) and I liked working with them a lot, however the watercolor part just failed, because I found out that although my sketchbook is mixed media one and 300 gsm the paper just wouldn't work well with the water and started peeling off. I tried my new aquarelle markers for the leaves and spreading the color was impossible there too (they worked perfectly well on watercolor paper, tried that!). I really wished to give the technique one more try on the watercolor paper with a peony this time, but I'm overwhelmed with projects atm and even got my first comissions for paintings, so that's all I can share today.

I won't lie, I was very hesitant whether or not to create this project, but I love being brave :D And the colors I chose for this piece are pretty cool, don't you think?

A Sketchbook Failure - image 1 - student project

A Sketchbook Failure - image 2 - student project