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A Sketch a Day

Day 31: Something that stimulates me

This is less of sketch and more abstract, but something I saw recently that really stimulated me and wanted to make me paint it was a rainbow. We have beautiful skies here, and often I see amazing rainbows. Here is my interpretation of one I saw with all the colors blending together.


Day 30: Contents of...

This is the bookshelf in my office. I try not to be cluttered, so it is pretty empty.


Day 29: Toiletries

Here are a few things I like to use. The Kiehl's Rare Earth Face Mask is awesome! It makes my skin so soft. I follow it with their Rare Earth face lotion, and I like to use a Lavender-Peppermint essential oils dabbed on my skin instead of perfume. The scent is soothing and helps with headaches.


Day 27: Transport

Here is a tricycle that I saw in a yard across the street from my office. I wish I were small enough to ride this!


Day 27: A cafe

This restaurant is called Cafe on the Corner and it is down the street from my office. It is a very weird shape, as it wraps around a corner, and I think this is a pretty horrible depiction of it.


Day 26: A new place

We went hiking at a wildlife management area in Georgia, and this is the sign explaining the trails. It didn't have any mileage and we ended up hiking about 11 miles on these trails.


Day 25: Something old

This is an antique washboard that we are now using as artwork hanging on the wall in our office/creative space at home.


Day 24: Furniture

Here is my desk at work. We have tall desks so we can stand up if we want. I try to keep my desk free of clutter. On the wall behind my desk is a painting of some mice standing in a cemetery, painted by my employer's dad. It's a cool painting, but I just kind of simplified it here.


Day 23: Everyday Activities of People

The office where I work is in a residential area, and there are always people walking by or exercising. Here is a picture of one woman I saw while eating my lunch. She was running down the road on a nice Spring day.


Day 22: Texture

This is the texture of a bar top at one of our favorite restaurants. It's a wood grain, but unlike any kind of wood I've seen before.


Day 21: Dessert

Here is a cheesecake that I made for a friend's birthday. It is made with Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies as the crust, and there are crumbled cookies throughought the cake. There is a chocolate ganache on top of the cake, making it even more delicious!


Day 20: Patterns

This is a blanket we have draped over the back of our couch. The perspective is looking down on it from above, but I'm not certain I captured that. The blanket is kind of a Southwest, Native American looking pattern.


Day 19: Accessory

Here is a ring that I wear. It is a small turqouise stone and a copper colored band. This one was a challenge to show the perspective right and I'm not all that happy with the outcome.


Day 18: Bag

This is a small pouch that I carry when I am hiking. It has a few small pockets on the outside and a pouch large enough for a camera and small snack. It is made by Pointer Brand, and the material used to make it is denim and fabric that is leftover from the jeans, overalls and other clothes Pointer makes.


Day 17: Flower

This is a Trout Lily, a wildflower that grows in the springtime. I saw this on a trail in Chickamauga, Ga.


Day 16: Animal

This is our black and white cat, Lucie. She is very small and funny and doesn't have tail. I think she looks a little mean in this picture, but she is actually very sweet. She's standing next to a big, blue Coleman brand cooloer.


Day 15: Stranger

I work in a small office and did not see any strangers on the day of this prompt so I am late. Yesterday, however, a small, elderly lady came into the office and I decided to sketch her quickly while she talked to my co-worker. Then later, I drew a bigger image of her and watercolored it in. Here is my stranger.


Day 14: Supplies

Here are my supplies - watercolor paints, a water brush and paint brush.


Day 13: Family

A big part of my family is my pets. We have a dog, 4 cats and 2 fish. So, I decided to paint Biscuit, our dog. He just had his 7th birthday on March 12. The perspective is a little off and I wish I had done his face a little better, but I think this captures him. He's reddish-brown and loves to relax.


Day 12: What I Collect

I am obsessed with plants and have a huge collection of house plants. Here are two of my larger plants. The purple one is a Ti Plant, which is a tropical plant, and the other is a Fiddle Leaf Fig plant. I love plants!


Day 11: Vegetable

Asparagus! One of my favorite vegetables. I like it grilled or roasted or even in stir fry. Yum!


Day 10: Appliance

Here is our juicer. I love to make fresh juice to drink as a snack between breakfast and lunch. This juicer has been a wonderful investment in our lives. So far, this one is my least favorite sketch. I had a hard time with the shadows and highlights.


Day 9: Clothes

Here is a picture of my fuzzy blue bathrobe hanging on the back of our bedroom door. I thought this was the hardest sketch yet, as there were many folds in the fabric and lots of shadows and higlights. I think I captured them pretty well, though.


Day 8: Shoe

This is a picture of one pair of cowboy boots I own. These were a gift from my husband for our first Christmas together. I have danced many nights to some of my favorite bands in these boots. Although I have another pair I wear more often nowadays, I still love making new memories in these boots.


Day 7: Drink

Here is a cup of coffee. I collect coffee mugs and buy them at yard sales, thrift stores, etc. I love the more vintage looking mugs. This one is a hand-painted mug, probably from the 1970s. I like to drink one cup of coffee in the morning before work. I like the flavor and the warmth.


Day 6: Book

Here is a stack of three books. I am currently reading the one on the bottom, "The Elegance of the Hedgehog" by Muriel Barbery. I'm not sure if I like it or not, but I am about halfway done. The others are books I recently read, "Etta and Otto and Russell and James" by Emma Hooper, which is a sweet story about an old lady with Alzheimer's who walks across Canada to see the sea and the affect it has on her husband and best friend, and "Life After Life" by Kate Atkinson, which is a cool story about a woman who is born and dies over and over again until her life is lived the way it's meant to be lived.


Day 5: Fruit

Here is a strawberry, my favorite fruit besides raspberries. I am very excited that strawberries will be in season soon, and I can get some from local farmers, instead of this one, which came from Florida. It's sweet, but local ones are so much sweeter.


Day 4: Buildings

This is the "Batman" Building in Nashville, Tenn. It's actually the AT&T building, and it's 33 stories tall. It towers over many other downtown buildings and is recognizable for it's unique towers. It's a big landmark for the state capital of Tennessee.


Day 3: Lunch

Today I had leftovers for lunch. A tri-blend quinoa with spinach and mushrooms, carrots and a biscuit. I also had carrot/apple/ginger juice. I ate at my desk at work as usual. I enjoyed drawing my lunch instead of working while eating it, though that biscuit does not look like anything I'd want to eat! Ha.


Day 2: Trees

I sketched a tree that grows in an island across the road from our house. It is a lonely tree and is crooked. The sun is setting, so I tried to depict that is well. There is also a magnolia tree on the edge of the frame.


Day 1: Self Portrait
I did not have my sketchbook or watercolors, so I sketched this on typing paper and used a limited palatte of crayons and a black pen that I found in my desk at work. I have never felt comfortable drawing myself, so I tried to work quickly. I think I may try this again later when I have watercolors available.



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