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Emma Whitehead




A Sketch-a-Day


First off HAPPY NEW YEAR, I hope everyone's 2016 is off to a wonderful start! My name is Emma, and I am a graphic designer. I am taking this course to keep myself inspired and practice my sketching. I find it difficult to stay motivated to produce something artistically just for myself, after spending all day working on creating design work for other people (aka clients). I feel that starting this class will give me the bost I need to start sketching/drawing again and hopefully it will hold me accountable to continue.

So here it goes...

Day 1

I know technically we were suppsoe to find random tools we were intrigued in using and let fate decide which instrument we would use, BUT I've recently bought some waterbrushes and I really wanted to take this time to work with them.

The first photo is me practicing and experimenting with the difficult textures I could create with the brush. I chose darker colors to paint with (I tend to use brighter color palettes so I wanted to be a little adventurous). 


After I started sketching the first page, my ten minutes finished too quickly and I wanted to keep going. I wanted to try and see if I could get this kinda texture to show in a drawing so the second picture is me sketching out some leaves and trying to get the brushmarks to show. I think I used too much water, everything kinda blended together (I am also trying to figure how to use watercolors effectively).


Well that concludes Day 1, I can't wait to be back tomorrow for what's next!


Day 2

"What do I draw?"

Today out of the magic bowl I picked imaginary creatures. What I enjoyed most about today's project was the topic I chose. I generally find it difficult to draw directly from my imagination, I can come up with an idea however I rely heavily on reference photos and objects to get the picture on paper.

This topic challenged me to use my brain to just natually come up with something on my own. What I came up with are these organic looking slug guys with singular eye balls. I think in the future I will try and evolve these guys further to get more detailed. They were fun to work on!


Here's a close up of my favorite guy:



Day 3

"I don't have time"

Ironically I was going to skip today because I didn't have a lot of time to sketch, and it turns out thats what today's lesson was about. I guess it's fate that I needed to practice today. So just like in the video, I too rolled five minutes and got song lyrics.


During this session I felt rushed to come up with something and to execute it. I picked lyris to a song I was already listening to, and just wrote out the words. I don't really like what I came up with, but thats okay.


Day 4


I got create art while outside. Its pretty chilly out today so instead of being outside I sat in front of a window. I let my space sort of inspire my sketch for today. I ended up drawing some water color flowers. Sketched out in pen first and then tried to do some blending on top.




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