A Sketch-a-Day - Overcoming execuses

A Sketch-a-Day - Overcoming execuses - student project

I'm trying to commit to myself to improve my drawing and painting skills for quite a long time now. The issue is whenever I start, I always stop it. There are a lot of excuses I need to overcome, lack of time, feeling guilty because I have a family to take care of, or the worst of them: I feel bad as I don't want to waste materials, paints and sheets of paper or sketchbook with bad drawings. But the other side of me is also saying... How am I supposed to get better if I don't practice? So, that's a really deep, inner battle I need to win... and I hope this class and exercises will help me to overcome my fears and keep me focused on filling a sketchbook page a day for the year! Thanks Ria for this opportunity!


For the first exercise I made a page experimenting marks using a big flat brush (sometimes wet, sometimes dry), and random stuff I found interesting: a boiled-egg support, a pen cap and an eyeshadow sponge.

My takeover from this is that I need to use more pigment in my palette. Have you seen how fade are the colours? I was unconsciously saving paint. So I need to overcome that! Can't wait to jump into Day 2.

A Sketch-a-Day - Overcoming execuses - image 1 - student project


I decided to do my own magic bowl list as a way to practice a bit of lettering with watercolour. It isn’t as good as yours but it was fun to make it and the sketch using the prompt I picked: patterns.

A Sketch-a-Day - Overcoming execuses - image 2 - student project

 A Sketch-a-Day - Overcoming execuses - image 3 - student project

It feels the paper I’m using isn’t good for sketches with paint. Next exercise I’ll try a different one..

A Sketch-a-Day - Overcoming execuses - image 4 - student project


DAY 3: A SKETCH IN 10min

For the 3rd day I picked the word Cactus from my magic bowl and have worked some little vases along with this nice quote shared by Ria. Also changed the sketchbook brand so now I think the paint is sitting better on the surface. The colours are much better too. Looking forward for Day 4.

A Sketch-a-Day - Overcoming execuses - image 5 - student project



For this sketch I just got an insight looking to the trees in my backyard.

The nature holds truly precious inspirations, and we need to allow ouselves to see or listen to it. Here are two parrots I’ve got today:

A Sketch-a-Day - Overcoming execuses - image 6 - student project


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