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A Simple Animated GIF for My Animation Course

So in this course I use a very simple example using a very crude smiley face. Here's that same example that shows how easy it is to animate simple changes by turning off and on Photoshop layers: (If you don't see the animation, just reload the page or drag and drop it in a new browser window. This one doesn't loop.)


Now I would never actually want to use this animated GIF, but it was a quick experiment. I think these quick and dirty experiments are a great way to learn so please don't be shy posting yours.

Here's a recent animated GIF I put in an email to my newsletter subscribers letting them know about my new animation course: This one loops but there is a 15 second delay on the last frame so it is not too annoying for someone trying to read an email or web page.


Animated GIFS are a great way to bring energy and excitement into an otherwise static announcement. It's also why they are so wildly popular on social media.

Here are two more that I did NOT create just to show how elaborate (or silly) they can become:




Obviously if you are making animated GIFS for a website, you're better off with something subtle that doesn't have TOO much movement. You might also loop it only after a delay of 10 seconds or more. The more "obnoxious" looping animated GIFS are more for sharing on social media.

Hope you like these samples and I can't wait to see yours.

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