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A Short History of Nearly Everything

Certainly my favourite book - I've read A Short History of Nearly Everything about a dozen times and keep the audio book on my phone anytime I feel like listening to a chapter. Whomever said 'Don't judge a book by its cover' was probably talking about this one.


After some initial sketches I've come up with three areas to pursue.  One is based on a theory suggested in the book that some scientists believe ther are 'worlds within worlds' and out solar system is simply a micro-system of another larger solarsystem and so on infinitum, and downwards too. Two surrounds the areas of science throughout the book, namely Chemistry, Paleontology, Astronomy, Particle Physics. The Third idea is baed on units of measurement, throughout the book Bryson uses all sorts of units of measurement from time and space. I like the idea of cartography typography (has a ring to it doesn't it?), and/or using historical methods and treatments to create the dropcap.

Typically I would spend another 10 - 20 minutes brainstorming and decide on a direction but I'm here to learn and Jessica said to wait a day and come back so that's what I'll do.   


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