A Sense of Place

A Sense of Place - student project

Until today I hadn't quite decided what map I would focus on in this class. I was excited and inspired and thinking of 57 different maps, not focusing on one. I want to start creating maps more regularly, and this is the beginning; I recognise I need to focus and so I've chosen my project.

I have a trip to Seattle in a few weeks. It's a city I loved on first sight, and this will be my 4th vacation there. I want to create a map of my Seattle, my haunts, neighbourhoods, adventures and plans. It will serve as:

  • a way of planning and building up excitement for the trip
  • a practical aid when I'm out and about or planning my days
  • a focal point in my travel journal

I will use my notes and annotated maps from previous trips to include detailed favourite 'patches' (my mother's term for the area that you have grown to know well,  in a strange city). I may create a simplified version to replicate for use as the base for notes and routes travelled while I am there (even a page a day, journalling on areas of the map not used that day).

While this map is mainly for me both on my trip and afterwards, I would love if it were of use or interest to others with an interest in Seattle. I will be sharing it on my blog, and amongst friends in the Pacific Northwest. 

At this stage, I'm not sure whether it will be digital or hand-drawn. I feel it may be a combination, for the sake of clarity, especially when text is added. Street names, neighbourhoods and names of business will all be included, as well as possibly, some addresses and sketches.

I will be looking for inspiration on format as I usually either sketch out little maps or else I work on top of printed maps.

Kelly Harcus

Project shortcut: http://skl.sh/ZkO36w