Caroline Sarrette

Snr Producer @Big Spaceship



A School Life

'Creative thinking - in terms of idea creativity - is not a mystical talent. It is a skill that can be practised and nurtured.' Edward de Bono

This project will be touching every aspects of a kid life at School and all ideas are based on a daily life at School.

1 - Picture it! - A school Life - A phoneography exhibition

Pictures of Kids in the school environment worldwide or general school scenes are taken using Iphone or Androids devices. All pictures wil be Instagrammed (using #tag #aschoollife and collected on FB (uing a facebook page) and a jury will vote for 50 of the best shots. Jury will be made of 3 or 4 recognized worldwide photographers. 

Then a guerilla exhibition of these 50 winning pictures (or one within each major cities) will be organized using an organisation such as All entries are on donations and shots can be purchased on site or online. A % of the pictures sales are given to POP. 

Exhibitions could take place in major cities such as NYC, London and Paris

2 - A greener school - Throw your pencils away - Partner up with an associations such as Recycle Write! For every pencil thrown out in the recycle boxes, Pencils of Promise will be given $$$ back

3 - A snack box life - School is also about Snack box. The cool spiderman or Batman snack box! 

POP could partner with Nature box ( and get people/companies to enroll to receive a monthly POP snack box. POP would be given a % of the monthly enrollments and also people could buy a one off Snack box. 

4 - School is cool - Still figuring this one out.

5 - It's play time - Organise football tournaments in NYC primary schools. Parents and teachers can bet on their favorite team and all bet money will be given to POP. There will be a site where everyone can follow the tournaments and the teams life. All pictures taken of teams and tournaments can be #tagged in TWITTER and INSTAGRAM

6 - Photojournalist Project - A life School - More to come - I was actually going to recommend but realised they are already working together... I wonder how efficient this strategy is. Would be interesting to get quantitative data. 

7 - POP Partner with 3rdWard - A woodworking class would be organised to create wooden tables and chairs. All final tables and chairs would be sent to Guatemala and a % of the class enrolling fees would go to POP

8 - POP Partner with WestElm - WestElm would organise skillshare classes/workshops about sustainibility and education in Guatemala or a 'Story Telling night' all around the main WE markets in the US.  A % of the workshops/classes enrollements would to to POP

9 - POP Partner with Etsy - All sellers willing to participate will give 20% of their sales on Etsy to POP. In exchange Etsy will feature the sellers/stores participating.



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