A Scene?

   The snow fell lightly over the lawn in front of 82 Borealis Road. The recently shoveled driveway was slowly refilling with its old friends, Snow and Slush. Lexis Miller looked out the window as she wondered if it was safe for her brother to make his trip through the snow. He was so used to the warm air in Florida.


 There was a knock on the door. Was that Damian? She checked through the peephole, but didn’t see anyone. Would her husband get home from work before her brother arrived?


 There was another knock, but she still couldn’t see anyone at the door. She opened the door and looked out. Still nothing, but the thudding continued. Maybe the neighbor’s dog was trying to knock the backyard gate open….


   Lexis sighed, closed the door, and walked back over to the window. The view was limited, but she could see enough that nobody could approach the door without her seeing them. The snow was flawless other than a trail of lone footprints going down the sidewalk, but something seemed up to the 27 year old. She thought she saw a lump of green in the left corner of the window, and not a grass green, deep pine green.


  She heard a car park very loudly somewhere just outside of her window’s view, then saw a man step out of the same corner where she’d seen the green blob. The suspicious man walked up to the blob, seemed to gently shake it, then lifted it. He walked straight towards the door carrying the green thing, which seemed to be alive. 


   The resident housewife rushed to the door and opened it. The man, who she realized was Damian wrapped in way too much snow gear, set the long, thin child he’d picked up out of the snow onto a chair, walked right back to the door, turned, and gestured for Lexis to do something. She was extremely confused and looked at the dark-haired girl on the armchair. Damian snapped his fingers to get his sister’s attention, then pantomimed calling someone. This time, Lexis understood. She pulled out her cell phone and began to dial 911 as she followed Damian out.


  What they saw that day would never leave Alexis Crystal Miller’s head. An overweight girl, this one evidently younger than the first, was sleeping in the snow, and she looked like she had been hugging the child that Damian had carried in. 

The Greenwoods
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