A Sailor's Night | Skillshare Projects

A Sailor's Night

There aren't hills, let alone mountains, where I live. As a student I can't afford to travel far enough to really get a different perspective heightwise, so I do my best to make do with what I have available to me. This is from a little park near my house that I love to go to when I have time off. This night was a particularly noisy one between highschoolers and little kids running around, but the power of nature was able to keep my head clear regardless. I discovered that by letting the sun dip just below the horizon before shooting was a great way to really capture the color of the sunset without flaring out the image. Like usual, I find that time slows down for me when I'm in nature, and before I knew it, it was completely dark. Walking through the woods in the nighttime is something I'm still getting used to. One small adventure at a time to similtaneously put me in and out of my comfort zone


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