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Hi world, I've finally come up with beatboards or thumbnails of my future storyboard. They are not perfect. I would definitely change a lot in the final version. But thumbnails served their purpose to shape my clues visually without spending too much time on drawing.

So I've chosen the story called Fire in the Car.

Now I'm ready with reference and design. These are couple of images I used as reference and inspirtation.

I made a rough character and car design for my story. 

Me, Dad and Mom.

Me in the car.

Finally I've came up with couple of key frames. That helped me to visualize the story in my head a bit.

I would love to know your ideas and suggestions about this story.

These are the stories from my childhood. I like all of them but have to choose one for the storyboard. I appreciate if you comment which one you prefer.

 Idea 1: Fire in the car

When I was a child we went to grandparents who lived in the country in summer. The adults were busy in the kitchen helping to clean the house before a family party. In the middle of the yard there was dad’s old car. I decided to get into the car in search of something interesting. First I sat on the driver’s seat and imitated driving the car turning the steering wheel left and right. It was fun for a couple of minutes but then I got bored. I tried to turn on the radio but it didn’t work. There was some button under the radio panel. Later I knew it was a heater. I started switching it on and off. In a minute or two I heard my parents calling me to come to the dinner table. I didn’t bother to answer my parents. They called me again and again I didn’t care to answer. I was very busy switching the button. Suddenly I saw the fire under the front seat and a dilemma appeared in my head either to call my parents for help and get punished for being mischievous or do nothing but wait till the goddamn car exploded. After a second or two I was running away toward the house calling for help: Car is on fire!!!! Mother and Dad came out of the house shocked. As my dad ran toward the car my mother took me back to a safe place behind the fence. Thank God the car didn’t explode. My dad put out the fire.

 Idea 2: Goose trouble

When I was a child I went to my aunt’s family in summer. One day there was a big party in the garden with a lot of other kids playing and having fun. I was standing on the porch observing a lively scene and suddenly I heard a little girl screaming with pain and saw a furious goose biting her butt. The next morning I woke up and found out that nobody was in the house. As usual the first thing I want to do in the morning is wash my face and go to the WC. I looked through the window to check if the goose wasn’t in the garden. The beast was guarding the toilet cabin walking just along the path between the house and WC. Outside I was separated from the evil creature by the fence. I thought I could force him to step off by throwing stones. To my great surprise he seemed to be made of steel. He didn’t even react to the stones hitting his body. There was a shovel resting on the fence. I took it and pointed it at the goose, leaning over the fence. It came closer and bit the shovel with his mighty steel jaws and pulled it back so hard that I dropped it. Then I ran to the kitchen and grabbed an apple. Now I would not beat the goose, I was going to fool him. I threw an apple to the right. The greedy goose thought for a second and eventually walked to have a snack. Then I ran quickly and shut the door of the WC. I did my business but an idea struck me. How was I supposed to get out? I had to wait till my aunt and others come back home to save me.

 Idea 3: Snake hazard

One summer when I was a child my family and I went to the sea. We rented a room in the house on the bank of the estuary 15 minutes on foot far from the sea. The only thing that disturbed me was a dump that separated the cottage from the river bank. The thing that scared me was a bunch of dry snake skins hanging on the nails that stuck from wooden boards. I decided not to waste precious time and grabbed two fishing rods, one for my father and another for me. We passed a dump and soon we were cooling standing in the water fishing. In an hour or two when the sun was very low and the water seemed pink in the distance, my dad got back to the bank and sat in the chair giving me advice on how a had to catch a fish. I didn’t notice as dad gradually stopped talking and fell asleep in the chair. The fish stubbornly didn’t want to bite. Suddenly I had some strange feeling, my guts were telling me something was wrong. I looked down in the water and saw a big snake lying just at my feet. I was shocked and didn’t know what to do. I was afraid that it might bite me if I make a quick movement. I ran toward the house with the speed of light. My dad woke up and said: Don’t shout, you’re gonna scare the fish.

This is it! It took longer than I'd expected.

Here you can see my storyboard:



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