A Rustic Breakfast | Steel Cut Oats with Apple, Cinnamon, & Dark Brown Sugar

Breakfast is always a tricky meal of the day for me. I want to eat a healthy breakfast, but sometimes I simply don't have time for it. So I find myself grabbing a bar and a banana on my way out the door - which is fine, but it doesn't provide the kind of sustenance that oatmeal does.

When I thought about the kind of breakfast I wanted to submit for this project, I wanted something simple and something I would normally eat. Cinammon rolls and cakes can make a beautiful scene, but let's be honest, it's just not something we all eat every day (at least I would hope not!). Yesterday, my boyfriend's mom brought over a big bag of fresh apples and I instantly knew they would be perfect in oatmeal. I have to have my oatmeal doctored up a bit so I added honey, cinnamon, and dark brown sugar. It was a warm and hearty breakfast on a cold winter day!

I shot these series of photos on an old wooden board I use for food shots near my big picture window. I wanted it to be cozy and rustic all at the same time. The soft wintery light poured in, indicative of a cold morning - and it was. But it was warm inside. Of course I used my iPhone and natural light too. Enjoy!


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