A Rocket

A Rocket - student project

The year of 1998, I was attending Odom Middle School recently being the reason for moving away earlier in my life. I was a shy problem child. My favorite group was The Jets. I fell in love with their music on the way going to Pleasure Island to fish with my family. The first time I heard Curiosity I knew I want to sing like the girl on radio. I became a little determined because I had to get a mic and stuff. I watch Jem the cartoon and wait for American Bandstand. Actually Rocket 2 You was their song out. It is crazy looking at this video. I am not a teenager. I am singing the songs, I am not sure I am comprehending the meaning. I am also trying to write words to my own songs. It is a time where we have crushes and things. I hurry though my homework wishing for the week to end. It would be Friday night videos all night until my father sees it's like two o'clock or something and run me to bed. Sometimes I get scared cause I think I am hearing something and I hurry to my bed. I believe that both of my sisters are now living away from home. My sister Melynda is married. My older sister Vera is either living with my cousin or her soon to be husband. After living my life, it bring back memories of living in our first home. We had so much ghost stuff going on. Everyone who live with us or visit often experienced something. My parents moved because mentally I was suffering the worst in our haunting. I still have it today. Give or take mental or paranormal. I suffer going to the doctor because I felt a song was taken from me. It's wild the video cause light blue was like my number favorite color around this time because my grandmother liked it. I never had a favorite color until than it seen just like another color. I think I curse my daughter cause she looks like Mona in the group. I remember crazy stuff like love green. It's funny how things shape us older we grow. It's like we forget in our short memories but some how we keep storage of these things in our long term memories. I had tons of friends from African Americans to India. I had crush on my history teacher and wanted Raymond to be my boyfriend. I think the secret I had embarrassing I explored my sexuality. It was crazy. My cousin stayed one summer we dreamed of making a cake nightmare. One morning woke up half bed pulled from the wall, and coins on the ground. I felt she was lying that she put it there but we bought some Little Debbie's snack cakes with Parade sparkling punch.

Sheryl Collins Roberson
Learning to be better