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A Return Ticket To Moments Otherwise Forgotten.

Hello Everyone! 

My name is @IshtarEsmail and I am from Vancouver, Canada! My instagram feed is filled with pictures from my adventures both near and far.

I want to create design that travels!

While I would love to be permanently traveling, I have found that you don't need to go far to discover something new! 

This Canadian Life - Whistler/Blackcomb, Whistler, Canada

The Spot For Food, Drinks, And The Works - Gastown, Vancouver, Canada

Instagram for me is a collection of moments I can share with others and have the luxury of returning to an experience through a single photograph.

No Words...Let It Take Your Breath Away. - Halstatt, Austria

I share lifestyle photography because their is no better way to experience a culture than through the food, people, history, clothing and geography.

I Could Eat Them All Over Again - Tanta Restaurant, Lima, Peru

Mountain Wanderer, Think I Could Get Use To This -  Machupicchu, Peru

Brazil vs. Columbia, Fifa World Cup, Estadio Castelao - Fortaleza, Brazil

WARNING: I am obsessed with big sporting tournaments - expect them in my feed!

Life Is A Beach - Fortaleza, Brazil

This Must Be How The Princesses Get There- Neuschwanstein Castle, Munich,  Germany

Rustic House Captured My Design Eye - Halstatt, Austria

Passionate about design and discovering my own perspective - I often take photography filled with bold colours, with a fixation on details and that ish factor.

Of course, I can't refrain from the occasional selfie! 


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