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A Remarkable Encounter (Final)

 Step 1: Selecting Your Text

I have chosen to do my project on the poem Hortense Robbins by Edgar Lee Masters from the anthology A Spoon River. I believe that this poem is absolutely beautiful, and the message it sends in the few words it is composed of is powerful and neccesary. When writing my screenplay, I will strive to attain the goal of showing what it's like for someone to be stuck in the what-could-have-beens. To me, this poem is about what legacy we leave behind after death. In my screenplay I will be portraying a man who is trying to figure out the point of even obtaining a legacy when we are all faced with the inevitability of death. I plan for this character to be slightly overdramatic and equipped with various irrational phobias, so hopefully this will result in some laughter despite the dark subject. 

Hortense Robbins

My name used to be in the papers daily

As having dined somewhere,

Or traveled somewhere,

Or rented a house in Paris,

Where I entertained the nobility. 

I was forever eating or traveling,

Or taking the cure at Baden-Baden.

Now I am here to do honor

To Spoon River, here beside the family whence I sprang. 

No one cares where I dined, 

Or lived, or whom I entertained,

Or how often I took the cure at Baden-Baden. 

Step 2: FINAL draft

After all the amazing comments and help I have received, I have now finished my final draft. Thank you, each and every one of you, for your suggestions. I hope you enjoy my final script, A Remarkable Encounter.


Step 3: Logline

Hortense Robbins, an ex-millionaire going through a dramatic crisis, plans his own demise in the Spoon River Graveyard until he is interrupted by an unlikely fellow. 


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