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A Recipe for Disaster

I chose the idiom "Recipe for Disaster". (Still in progress - still needs to be texturized!)

My List

  • Recipe book
  • Baking ingredients (flour, sugar, eggs)
  • Angry food
  • Explosions
  • Hands
  • Whisk
  • Lightning
  • Clouds
  • Rain
  • Chef
  • Mixing Bowl
  • Fire
  • Baking failures
  • Melting stuff


I started off wanting to illustrate a blindfolded chef with a bunch of weird ingredients being thrown into a mixing bowl, but after working on it for a while it didn't feel too great. I ended up going with the rogue sketch of the melting cake!


Blob Drawing

I took some elements from my Chef sketch and combined it with the cake (thunder clouds etc.) and threw in some nasty stuff like a nail, teeth, worm, and a bone. I also then dressed the cake up with lots of sprinkles and icing.

I mostly played on the fact that my idiom could be interpreted as being food, weather, and general bad stuff.


Colored Version

I'm still fussing around with the colors but wanted to do something reminiscent of cake icing (but gone awry). Welcoming suggestions for color combinations! 


Final Version

Still working on this one and will post an update once it's done.


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