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Megan Doty

Graphic Designer



A Résumé: digital / analog, English / French

Starting Point • 4 Février 2015

Two weeks into my semester studying abroad in the Franche-Comté region of France as a dual major in graphic design and french, I've been coming across incredible works of design — as far as the public design for cultural events goes, it's far less conservative and much more fun than the US. With that, I've also been finding creative agencies in my town here where I'd love to do a stage. Not having a résumé in French, this is a perfect time to rework what I have to make it flexible to fit both english and french CV norms.

So, here is what I have now:

I'm currently taking Communication Professionnelle which should help, but I'll also take a book out of the university's Mediathèque on writing a CV in french, which should help (trying to understand the photo and age part? Well!). One goal I have in mind in designing a flexible CV is being able to have the visual language translate to the web. A professor at my home university made this incredibly useful resource that I have yet to take advantage of: http://www.amypapaelias.com/youarewhatyoukern.html

Alors, on y va !


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