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LaRhea Phillips

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A Quiet Bath

I know I'm pretty late with this class, but thought I'd still upload my progress. This is my first class on Skillshare, and I'm still learning all of the ins and outs to illustrator.

Initital Ideas

  • Quiet
  • Peaceful
  • Relaxing
  • Dark / Night time
  • Comfortable
  • Pondering
  • Nature

When I initially began the projects, I drew a lot of nature related sketches with mountains and lakes. But  I tend to flip flop when creating artistic projects, and ended up switching my ideas to some peaceful places in a home. Started with a library and fire, and finally landed on a relaxing bath scene.

Beginning Digital Illustrations

I'm still working on the color scheme, and playing around with object placement. So far I have two versions with slight variations in the objects, size/placement, and the color scheme. 


And here is a more monochromatic color scheme.


Next I will start working with patterns and textures.


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