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A Pretentious Game

This is one of the stories I'm still writing in Wattpad called ' A Pretentious Game' and this is one of the drafts. Leave a feedback after reading, okay? :3


Fans of the Romance genre, ages of 15-21. Mostly teens.


Yvonne Osborne, one of the most popular people in the school, and Brendan Matthews, who is popular among the girls for an unknown reason (for Yvonne) and hates being popular, was set up by their friends to be locked inside a classroom, with only the two of them in it.

Yvonne threatened, pleaded, even begged them to open the door but her classmates, well, they won't budge unless something interesting happens between Brendan and Yvonne. They thought the two of them were perfect for each other. In short, they thought about making fun of these two people.

Yvonne and Brendan was awkward with each other after all, so that would be impossible in an hour, even in a day!

Brendan shared his idea to Yvonne to pretend that they should act as a couple as long as their friends would be satisfied. She agreed BUT to make this more interesting, she also made a bet with Brendan.

That whoever was the first one to fall in love for the other person, loses.




"Hey, Yve? Are you even listening to me?" Jamie queried as she raised her eyebrows at me. "Mhmm." I hummed as I lazily forked my pasta into my mouth. Jamie here has been ranting for minutes now about her Science test which she almost failed.

I've started losing her rant halfway. As a matter of fact, I was there when it happened.

She frowned at my response. "Yvonne Osborne, just because you're popular doesn't mean you can ignore what anyone says. Especially me. What if I was telling you some important stuff and you just ignore me like that?" Jamie tutted, taking a bite of her sandwich. I just laughed at her.

"Who says I ignore what everyone says? And let me correct you there, dear. You're more popular than me." I chortled, making her frown more which made me give another hearty laugh. "Oh, and stop frowning. Creases are forming." I told her in a deadpan voice. "Sometimes, I don't even know how we became friends but whatever." She sighed, making her frown disappear and she focused instead in eating her sandwich.

Meet Jamie Nottinghill, my best friend. One of the most popular people in school. Well, mostly in the guys. She got the looks and the charm you are searching for though she almost failed her academics.

Now, meet Yvonne Osborne, which is me. Like Jamie, I'm kind of popular too. Just that, with everyone. I got some looks, too, and charisma, and unlike my pal here, I ace my classes. But the problem is, I don't get along with people. I almost hate hanging out with anyone.

In short, I was just popular because of my fierce attitude and good grades, which says that almost everyone kind of fears me. Oh, and probably because I am the president of the Drama Club itself.

"By the way, have you heard?" She whispered, excitement in her voice. I raised an eyebrow at her. Sometimes, I wonder if she really is bipolar. " Brendan turned down another girl who confessed to him! This is another opportunity for you!"

She's been telling me to get together with Brendan Matthews for weeks. I don't even find him interesting. Not one bit. And let me tell you that I don't plan on falling in love with anyone, just yet.

I fake-squealed before rolling my eyes at her as I finished what's left of my meal. "Opportunity? For me? Oh please! I'm not interested." I scoffed. "I don't even know why girls would be interested in him." Jamie's mouth curved downward, making a frown. I looked at her with irritation.

"Oh, will you please wipe that frown off of your face?" It was an order instead of a question. "I told you, creases are forming on your forehead." I threw the tissue that was on my hand at her face but she caught it. "Is that supposed to be a pun?" She inquired, scrunching her face in confusion. "You think?" I replied.

"Fine, fine. It's just that, you two looked so good together." Jamie sighed defeatedly, giving me back the tissue I thrown at her. I took it and wiped it on my mouth. "A perfect chemistry, to be exact. If you asked the whole class, they would all agree." She added.

"Nonsense!" I spat, throwing my hands up in the air to emphasize that this is outrageous. "And remember Jamie, I have no intentions or interest on having a relationship or whatsoever. So please, just give up."

"But--!" I raised my hand, cutting her off then said "We're done talking about this."

She sighed then looked at me with a rejected expression. "Fine." She finally gave up which made me smile at her.

"Finally! Come on, we're going to be late in our next class." I grabbed her hand as we stood up and took my things.

"This is the reason why everyone doesn't get along with you." She muttered. I can't deny it since what she said is completely and utterly true. I'm stubborn and persuading that way.

Walking in the hallways, people parted like the red sea as if Jamie and I were Moses and his people. Jamie walked like she owned the hallway. Meanwhile, I walked 'cause I don't care about what they think. 

Since Jamie was always the talk in the fashion trend or the talk of the guys in these school, a handful of girls hate her. 

Anyway, this was just perfectly normal to me so nothing special happened and classes just begun the moment we arrived at the room.

My seat was just beside a window that overlooked the campus' fields and was in front of the whole class. Jamie always sat behind me since somebody  took the seat beside me in the first day of school.

"Brendan Matthews! You're in school!" The teacher hollered with anger evident in her tone, waking my seatmate up. Yes, you guessed it right.

It's Brendan Matthews himself, the guy Jamie mentioned a while ago. He also aces his classes, just like I do. Kind of popular among the girls, too for some reason I do not know. But, according to a rumor, he hates being a popular guy. He is always hidden in his best friend's shadow, Daniel Brad Waters, who is one hardcore playboy and who enjoys the spotlight.

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Greene." He yawned, rubbing his eyes. I shook my head silently. "How disrespectful." Mrs. Greene muttered under her breath but ignored him anyway and just continued discussing.

"Nice one, Brendan." I whispered as I continued taking down notes. He scowled at me in response while Jamie was giggling herself to death behind us. I just ignored them both and the hour passed by.

When English ended, it was already History but Mr. Hemingway was not around so one free hour by ourselves then. I decided to reread a few of my notes for the whole hour while my seatmate here chose to doze off instead. I don't even know how he aces his class since he always slept the whole day in school.

I don't know what my classmates busied themselves with but I just don't care, a'ight?

Half an hour passed and I finished studying all of my notes. I heaved out a sigh. Now, what to do? I suddenly noticed the awful silence in the room. I turned around and saw all of my classmates talking to one another in hushed voices, Jamie and Daniel was in it, too. This is definitely suspicious.

I cleared my throat, making my presence known. My classmates were startled by what I did and started scrambling back to their places. "What are you people up to?" I asked, raising my eyebrow at them.

Jamie coughed before answering back at me. "What did you say, Yve?" She replied nervously with a smile. I just stared at her and there, for a moment, I saw it waver. The whole class was silent, listening to our exchange of words.

"What are you all talking about?" I demanded.

"Oh, we were just worried about Mr. Hemingway. That's all. I mean he never made an absence before. Right?" She reasoned, clutching the hem of her dress like she was about to rip it apart. She was fidgeting in her seat, and so are my other classmates. "Right..." I drawled out. "If that was what you all are talking about, then why with hushed voices. Care to explain?"

"Yes, but you were doing something so we can't bother you now, can we?" Daniel piped in. "And we also can't bother Brendan in his sleep." He nodded his towards my seatmate and smirked at me. I narrowed my eyes at them. But they do have a point. How could I focus in a noisy environment?

"Okay then." I gave up but still, something smells fishy. Jamie and the others have something up in their sleeves. I was thinking of what it was but I just couldn't wrap my finger in it.

The hour passed with uncomfortable silence present in the room. When the bell rang, everyone shuffled their feets out of the classroom. I grabbed my things and walked up to Jamie who's putting all her mess in her bag.

"Shall we leave, Jamie?" I asked, smiling at my best friend.

Jamie's eyes flickered towards me then immediately averted her eyes away. This made me furrow my brows in confusion. "I'm sorry, I forgot to borrow a book in the library." She excused, her eyes wandering off everywhere but mine. My face softened.

"Want me to company--?" I asked but she cut me. "You can wait for me here. I'll be back.". Then she ran out of the classroom, closing the door hastily while I stood there, gaping at her unusual attitude.

Then, I jolted in surprise when someone beside me groaned. I whipped my head towards the source of the groan itself and there sat Brendan Matthews, rubbing his eyes.

Brendan Matthews.

I forgot about him.

The moment he raised up his head, our eyes met and he scrunched his face in confusion and frowned at me as if I was so horrible to see first thing when you wake up in the morning. "What's Yvonne Osborne still doing here?" He questioned, his eyebrow raised.

"Jaime told me to wait here." I told him confidently, avoiding his intimidating gaze then glancing back at the door.

"Alright then. Where's Daniel?" He added. "Daniel?" I glanced at him with utter curiosity.

"Yeah. He usually wakes me up before he goes." He stated. Daniel wakes him up? Wait. It suddenly occurred to me that Jamie never ever went to the library before. She has no interest in books. And never will.

Then, it suddenly dawned on me. My blood drained from my face. Is this what they're planning all along? How ridiculous!

"When does he not wake you up? Just tell me the truth." I inquired, slamming my hands on t=his desk as if this was an interrogation. I'm the police while he's the most wanted criminal. Yeah, it does feel like that.

"Well, usually when someone is planning to confess to me." He answered, slowing down at the last three words. Then he glanced at me, his brows furrowed once more as if he was deep in thought. It all clicked.

This confirmed my assumptions. How dare they?!! Jamie and Daniel, all of you, you're all dead to me!

"Wait. Don't tell me--!" He began, pointing his finger accusingly to me. "Hell no!" I screeched at him while I glared at him.

"Good. I'm leaving then." He trailed off, ruffling his dark chocolate hair. I watched him as he slowly made his way to the door and grabbed the knob. A few seconds passed and he haven't left the room yet, hand still on the door knob. Is he playing games with me?

"What the hell?" He muttered under his breath.

I raised my eyebrow at him. He turned around then looked at me with disdain in his face. "The door won't budge." He told me flatly. I felt my face became paler than before. There's no way in hell I would be locked inside with Brendan here! Alone! I'd go insane!

I ran to the door and tried turning the knob, but the door won't budge.

"No way. Jamie!" I shouted angrily. "Open this door this instant!" I demanded of her. I kept turning the knob, cursing under my breath in different languages. Obviously, I will not the fact that I'm stuck in here, alone with a guy, whose name is Brendan Matthews.

After a few tries, I was starting to lose hope. I turned around and panic was invading my body. I was already hoping for the worst when I told him

"No way. We're really locked up in here."


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