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A Positively Great Morning Routine

My Primary Focus: Starting the day with high spirits and a postive outlook to carry through out the day. Also, to promote self-love, self- awareness, and confidence.

What habits will I do?




Gratitude/Blessing Basket



Learn New Things

Tidy Up

Morning Routine:

6:00 AM: Wake up and say a prayer thanking God for anoher day. (5 min)

6:05 AM: Go to the Bathroom. Brush Teeth. Wash face. Drink Water. (5 min)

6:10 AM: Do some sort of exercise or yoga. Meditate. (30 min)

6:40 AM: Write in Journal and drop a note in my blessing basket (Gratitude). (10 min)

6:50 AM: Take a shower. Get dressed. Do hair and makeup. (30 min)

7:20 AM: Tidy upme bedroom. Pack Lunch. (10 min)

7:30 AM: Leave for Work

Bedtime Focus:

9:30 PM: Read

9:45 PM: Meditate and focus on my goals for the next day

10:00 PM: Go to sleep


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