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A Portfolio System

Problem hypothesis: Our community of web publishers has expressed regular interest in the concept of a portfolio manager add-on. While we have a system in place, we currently haven't got a true understanding of what customers expect from this add-on.

Customer Assumptions:

  1. Customer has used our existing portfolio solution and expects this, but in add-on form.
  2. Customer is looking to showcase large images in a simple manner (no sliders, faders, etc).
  3. Customer is concerned over image load time.
  4. Customer sees this as a revamping of our existing offering and is potentially unlikely to want to purchase an add-on, as they've used it before within an existing purchased product.

Solution hypothesis: Develop said add-on to a new spec to differentiate it from the original offering. Send this out to private beta for testing and feedback, as well as to gauge initial customer response.


As we're currently unsure of the exact pain points, I'll be interviewing several "power users" in an attempt to answer the biggest uncertainty of "what are the biggest pain points".

As mentioned in the lecture video, conducting these interviews through discussion is best to gauge accurate responses, so I'll be reaching out to them over Skype/Google Hangout.


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