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A Poet Can Survive Everything But A Misprint

I'm using a quote from one of the funniest/wittiest humans to ever exist, Oscar Wilde.

For this project I have been researching various forms of crowded type - most often found in vintage newspapers, ads, products, etc. - but I also want to add either a floral or dainty illustration to play off of the poetry theme. I like the idea of making elements of the piece pretty and delicate, as I hope it will add more humor to the quote.

Update: Some of my biggest inspiration came from watching Disney's cartoon Robin Hood. The picture of the book that opens in the beginning kind of changed my whole direction. I've attached a photo of it; I love how the letters are framed by floral and forest illustrations. Bold with delicate details.

Words of Inspiration:

Practice/Warm-Up Alphabet:

For my exploration of what kind of styles to use for the piece, I chose to sketch out the last word in a few different ways. I really liked the top three styles best as I felt they portrayed the printed style better than the others. The ornate style is my least favorite! So I definitely know I do not want to go that route.

My next step is to sketch out some possible ideas for the piece. My first idea was to make the lettering come out of the top of a typewriter, but I could not find a way to make that an interesting way to tell the quote. The typewriter pretty much took up all of the visual room of the piece and it was difficult for me to find a way for it to exist without being so obvious.

Exhibit A: (aka my horrible sketch of a typewriter)

With a lot of research of poetry books and old Easton Press copies covering my coffee table, I decided to go a different route. As I prefaced in the beginning, I was so inspired by the Robin Hood book. As I am heavily inspired by the two book covers, I think I want to try out some kind of an outside border.

After a series of these thumbnails, I decided I wanted to eliminate the book spine illustration on the left side and have the border be less obviously book-inspired. I really liked how the top part of the piece came together, but I needed to do some work on the bottom, bolder text. This part of the project proved to be my most difficult, as I am still learning and practicing how to make bold letters clean and even.

This next sketch is much closer! I was happy with the overall layout of the piece and decided to begin to clean up what I had begun.

After hanging out with my new best friends, ruler and compass, I ended up changing the word "survive" slightly to help balance out the bold and straight bottom (the words Everything But A Misprint).

Ready to ink! Here it goes.

My scanner is not-so-excellent, but there it is! After having finished the project, I am finding a plethora of things I would like to improve with my piece, but overall I like where it's going. After this class ends, I want to keep retweaking it. I am so excited for the next chapter of the class.




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