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Bridgette Blanton

Illustrator/Graphic Designer



A Pizza the Pie



1) Word List + Rough Sketches

I'm definitely a fan of verbal brainstorming before diving into a project. I find that you can discover lots of great ideas for illustrations in this process. I'm a self-proclaimed foodie, so I was really excited about the theme! I decided to proceed with an illustration that's become a (somewhat unhealthy) craving of mine: pizza! But...not just any pizza. These are what I've termed "fancy pizzas". They combine some of my all time favorite foods resulting in pies that you can't order at your local Pizza Hut. I wanted to play with the idea of an old school pizzeria meets a fancy Italian restaurant vibe all while keeping it playful. I'm a huge fan of puns, so I couldn't resist using "A Pizza the Pie" for a title! :) 


2. Process Snapshot

While developing the illustration, I was met with the challenge of wanting to try out Mikey's clean geometric style while also wanting to maintain my usual style of "off-kilter", handmade shapes. I landed somewhere in the middle. The shapes of the pizzas aren't perfect circles while other elements were created with the shape tool with softened corners. I also later decided to tryout sketches for other type (turned lettering) treatment.


3. Final Illustration

As I finished up with text & texture, I ultimately landed on lettering & something that has a bit of a printed poster feel. I have an inkling that I'll revisit & finesse the lettering some more later, but I'm pretty excited about how things turned out. I had a great time developing this image & picked up some great tips on how to make shapes in a quick, clean & effective way. Thanks, Mikey! Here is a quick summary of some of my challenges & triumphs while doing the project:


  • Trying a new style while still being true to my own
  • Illustrating something with lots of ingredients/colors & trying to balance them in a nice way
  • Creating a layout that is clean while adding the right amount of ornamentation 
  • Determining how to utilize texture in an effective way while not overwhelming the illustration (texture & handmade design are true loves of mine, but I find I often struggle with my love for it & minimal design)


  • Completing a new illustration! (I've had a bit of a block for too long now. It feels really great just to finish something for myself!)
  • Being more aware of shapes in my work
  • Learning that awesome trick for creating scallops! :D
  • Coming up with even more ideas for illustrations I want to make

Thanks to Mikey for this awesome class & anyone that's taken the time to review my project! You're awesome!


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