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A Personal Project

Since my college days, I've always had this problem of designing a logo for myself. I'd look up so many kinds of inspirations that I'd get so overwhelmed and end up not doing it at all. This time I've decided to put my foot down and finally make my own logo.

For this project, I decided my main keywords for the design would be:

  • casual  
  • classic
  • brush
  • contrast

Based on these, I drew a bunch of loose sketches of what I thought represented these words. In the end, I managed to pick three that I really liked out of the sketches I drew out.







Numero tres' is my chosen one out of the three. My next plan is to experiment with some paints or brush pens to give the script a more casual feel I'm looking for.


This was my first time using brush pens so I had to do a bit of experimenting before I got the hang of it. The results were far from perfect but it was so fun to give a new tool a try. If I'm being honest, this project actually gave me the excuse I was waiting for to get myself brush pens. Hehehe~


I'll be proceeding to vector with this sketch. Probably be able to improve the spacing and shape of the letters even more from there. 


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