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Scott Pollard

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A Peace Of Cupcake - Assignments 1, 2, 3

A Peace of Cup Cake

There is always going to be a future in flour. Floyd the baker took comfort in this actuality, but could never escape his daily awareness that all is not well in the world. Reminiscent of his free love, flower power days and a unifying ideal of togetherness, Floyd had decided enough was enough.

With the world as his soap box and cupcakes as his mega-phone it was time to get baking. As far as the eye could see, lay endless rows of cupcakes awaiting dispatch. Cupcakes destined for the four corners of the earth. Each where loaded in to a fleet of gigantic and noisy aeroplanes as a sense of achievement filled the air.

Floyd's plan was to place a cup cake in the hands of every human being throughout the world during one big, orchestrated cake drop. All in the hope that with everyone's preoccupation of eating and sharing a cupcake experience, there would be a cessation of hostility, synchronised across the planet.

Well... Who could be unhappied with a cupcake to eat, thought Floyd?

The End


There On The Stage

As he walked on to the stage it had felt like an age since last he played.
Everyone stood amazed as his keyboard phased in a progressive blaze.
It was then he praised the life that he was raised as his dreams took place.

There on the stage.


Cupcakes For All

"Cupcakes for all, throughout the world" said Floyd the baker, whilst thinking who could be unhappied with a cupcake to eat?


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